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On June 12, 2002, 1484.12.1 - 2002 Learning Object Metadata (LOM) was approved by the IEEE-Standards Association. (Please note that the "P" is dropped from the reference number, because LOM is now a fully approved standard.) PDF version of the final draft (166 Kb)

NOTE 1: IEEE staff are now working with the Chair and Technical Editor to complete the final editing and formatting of this document and thus this is NOT the final document as it will appear when published and posting on the IEEE site as a full IEEE standard. There will be some additional editorial and formatting changes in the final published standard document.  However, these will be minor and will not alter the approved specification itself.

NOTE 2: Please also note that once the LOM standard document is published by IEEE, all of the Working Group documents will be removed from this LOM site, and all copies of the LOM standard must be ordered and obtained from IEEE directly.

Summary of LOM Changes

This summary of changes has been created to assist those wanting to know how the final approved LOM 1484.12.1 standard v1.0 has changed from the previous drafts, specifically from Working Group draft versions 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4. There is a single table which provides a side by side comparison between these two drafts with the changes highlighted in color. This is then followed by a detailed list of each change.