Digital Rights Expression Language Study Group Workshops

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The IEEE LTSC study group on Digital Rights for Learning Technology and the CEN/ISSS LTWS are jointly sponsoring two workshops. The first workshop will be held on the afternoon of Thursday, June 20, in conjunction with the IEEE LTSC meeting in Kirkland. Details of this workshop are below. The second workshop will be held on July 4 in Brussels, in conjunction with the July 2-3 meeting of CEN/ISSS LTWS. Details and registration information for this meeting can be found at

LTSC members, LTWS members and any other stakeholders with an interest in this topic are invited to submit position papers and to attend either, or both, of these open workshops.


There is a critical need for expressing digital rights in the context of learning, education and training. Placeholders for rights are built into specifications for metadata, repositories, and learner information, but the learning technology standards community has been waiting for applicable standards to emerge from other industries before determining how to use these placeholders. These standards are emerging now, so it is time to determine the best way forward.


The mailing list has been set up for the study group. To subscribe, send a message addressed to with no subject and with only the words

subscribe LTSC-DREL

in the message. (Don't include your signature or you will get a lot of errors.)


The workshops are intended to gather requirements for a Digital Rights Expression Language (DREL) to support learning and learning content delivered and managed using learning technology. These workshops initiate a four to six month study whose goal is to make a recommendation of how best to move forward on a standardization effort.

Stakeholders are invited to submit position papers of two kinds in advance (see below). The workshop will be held from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Thursday, June 20, in the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland Washington. Please see the LTSC site for meeting information.

For people participating remotely, the dial in number for this meeting is +1-702-851-3330, access code 37351. You will be able to dial in any time after 1:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time. This is a free conference call service, but it has a 3 hour time limit on calls. Therefore, remote participants will need to hang up at 4:00 pm and dial in again, to the same phone number but using a different access code - 37352. If you have any trouble accessing the meeting, please call Geoff Collier on his cell phone at +1 (661) 803-8323.

The attendance is open but you need to register. Please fill in the registration form.

The June workshop is being coordinated by Geoff Collier. His contact information is at the end of this announcement.

The rough agenda for the Workshop is:

- Introductions
- Presentations tied to selected position papers
- Facilitated discussion to generate and refine list of high level requirements
- Identification of areas for further research, and identification of key stakeholders

Presentations will be relatively short (think 15 minutes) with the exact lengths depending on the number and nature of the submissions.


We are soliciting two types of position papers:


Informational position papers address and summarize existing specifications, standards, legal, societal, or other issues germane to a DREL for learning technology. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to share existing material and research (to the extent it is permissible to do so) by submitting links to documents together with a short (two page maximum) summary. The summaries will be collated and made available to the DREL group. (If you can't post the original documents yourself, please send electronic copies and we will put them on the LTSC site.)

Summaries should be in printable HTML, PDF, or Word format. The following metadata should come first:

Title, Author(s)/contributor(s), a two or three sentence description of the summary, a few key words (for searching), links to reference document(s).

[If you want to use LOM, use General.title, LifeCycle.Contribute, General.Description, General.Keyword, and Relation]

Use Cases & Requirements

Position papers outlining use cases (we are not using any formal format) and identifying requirements for your organization or community are especially valuable. Please keep them short (the two page limit above should apply) but detailed enough to be of use to others. Please include Title, Author(s)/contributor(s) and clearly label the paper as a Use Case/Requirements paper. Printable HTML, PDF, or Word format please.


We have set up a forum where position papers, presentations and other materials can be posted. Digital Rights Expression Workshop Forum (Note that this forum only allows URL links, not file attachments.) Please create a new topic in the forum for each new document or presentation posted. Alternately, you can send your document, presentation or position paper directly to the workshop coordinator ( for posting.

We also encourage people to comment on the postings. To do this, use the 'reply' function to create an entry related to the original posting.

The workshops are also open to other appropriate submissions and suggestions that will help the study group in its work.

Please send any suggestions or questions to the mailing list or to the workshop coordinator:

Workshop Coordinator Contact Information

Geoff Collier
Office: +1 (661) 297-4081
Mobile: +1 (661) 803-8323